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Are press releases dying?

As a soon to be PR graduate, the thought of hearing “PR is Dead” is like nails on a chalkboard. Joel Warady, a speaker and well known PR Professional, came to speak to our Promotion Marketing class last week when he mentioned this. However, I must disagree. Yes, social media is taking over and you CAN  post news to anywhere on the web. Yet, press releases are still being used and I believe they will continue to be used for online publications. Journalists often need and appreciate well-written press releases, and PR professionals often need those journalists to print their news. Press releases are used for creditibility as well for many news outlets. What do you think? Can the world of “paper” be transferred to the web and still be utilized?


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  1. * peacelovepr says:

    Press releases aren’t going anywhere. In our world things evolve in order to adapt and survive, PR is not an exception. (check out my guest blog post, The Evolution of PR, that should be up soon on

    Many old-school “PR Professionals” feel as if PR is dying because it is changing and they are refusing to adapt. Survival of the fittest, right? Social media should be looked at as beneficial for PR. We can now better connect with outlets, media, fans, consumers, etc., etc. Press releases are still a great way to send a more informative message and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day those turned to video releases! For now, press releases (if done correctly) are still a powerful tool!

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