Breakfast at Tiffany's

Justice for Animals!

I know this post is different from my other ones, but I felt this issue really needed to be addressed. I recently joined an organization at MTSU called Raiders Against Animal Cruelty. Honestly, I had to join something for an organizational communication class thinking it was just about animals being mistreated. Never did I stop to think that these are the animals that our society, including myself, eats on a daily basis. After learning and seeing THEIR point of views on animals rights and watching videos of investigators about Dairy’s Dark Side, Breeding Misery, animal slaughtering, confinement, and mutilation I am more open to change with my eating habits. The purpose of this post is to let everyone know what really happens out there and how our food is “made”.  Some ways to get involved by helping yourself and the animals is by switching to organic foods, cage free eggs, soy milk, tofu, and others. Just a small step goes a long way and you can save 50 animals per year just by being concious of what goes into your body. MercyForAnimals is a great website to educate yourself and others 🙂 How’s that for environmentally friendly PR?


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