Breakfast at Tiffany's

Branding Each Other

This past week, I watched a short clip on various product placements and how it affects media, audiences, and brands. Think back to watching a movie, listening to music, walking your dog, or even eating breakfast this morning. Almost everything we do, listen to, and see is hidden product placement. We are being brainwashed with thousands of advertisement ads per day. Take the movie Cast Away for instance; FedEx is featured throughout the entire film and essentially at the end the package gets delivered, despite being on an island for 4 years. How did that change the opinions of FedEx to the audience? I don’t know about you, but it created a positive image for them to me–through a MOVIE! How does it affect you and other target markets? The idea of integrated communications is a great way for people to think about a product, know it, and love it. Marketers today are spending millions of dollars for product placements in movies and films after the tremendous success linked to the dropping of Reese’s Pieces candy to lead an alien out of the woods in the movie ET back in1982.  More and more companies are trying to find more creative and uncluttered ways to expose consumers to products. What are some ways your company, brand or product stands out? Social media has come a long way recently and almost everyone has a Facebook Fan page now. I’d like to see more unique ways of advertising, because in the end its your PR that speaks for the brand. How do YOU brand yourself and stand out from the clutter?


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