Breakfast at Tiffany's

So…Why should you hire me?

Now that you have seen my blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other various forms of communication I’d like to show you what I’m all about. You are probably wondering why you should hire me or even consider me for a Public Relations job. Well, I have a couple of key qualities that I’d like to share about myself first and foremost. I am a Public Relations major from Middle Tennessee’s College of Mass Communication with a growing interest and experience in marketing and advertising. What are some of my qualifications? Here is a visual example with the help of Wordle…

I am experienced in the marketing field as I have worked as a freelance marketing representative and brand ambassador all throughout college. My love for collaborating with people, advertising, and communications has driven me to public relations where I can release my inner geek and be engaged with a technical crowd aka PR 2.0. I enjoy writing, social media, digital media, media relations, strategic planning, event coordinating/planning, design, and all other aspects of PR. I also enjoy reading up on my favorite blogs  and connecting with industry professionals through twitter and #PRStudChat. I am creative,open-minded, motivated to succeed, and love learning something new every day. I am an organized self-starter who always gets the job done, cares passionately about my work and is a loyal team player. I am exactly the eager and insightful PR professional you need.

Please feel free to take a look at my  Resume’ . I welcome any and all comments and questions!


I was chosen and featured in Sarah Evans, whom is a very reputable PR professional, blog post “15 PR Grads to Hire in 2010”. Take a look into what  my dream job would be like for me 🙂 Enjoy!


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